Murder is bad, but rape is worse. A murder victim at least doesn’t have to live with the memory of their attack. It is impossible to overcome the trauma of being raped in any way other than by dying, and therefore rape is the absolute worst crime that can be done to another person…unless he is a man. Men cannot be raped, because rape is a form of oppression, and you cannot oppress oppressors.
Radfems 66:6
Thou shalt not use analogies to discuss rape, for rape is a sacred subject, and to parallel it to different situations is to insult all rape victims that have ever existed and belittle their experiences. Unless, of course, the analogy serves to highlight how rape victims are mistreated by paralleling it to situations where other victims are often treated with more dignity, then the analogy serves feminism’s purposes and does not question its hypocritical ideology. Such analogies are good and rightly and shall be allowed, but any other are evil and should be scorned, ridiculed and mocked! So sayeth Feminism.
Binx 87:02